Music Album

The Desiree

  • Release date: October 10, 2019
  • Label: HousTone Records
  • Catalog #: HRCDTD 02, BARCODE: 787857414906

The Desiree: CD NOTES
“The Desiree” album began creation all through 2018 for releasing Jan 22. Her grandmother loved her music but hated her cursing, she died of the medicine she took to fight her cancer and Desiree vowed she’d stop cursing in her music. the creation of this project was made wile Desiree was living in Houston recorded with Patrick Rodriguez of Track House Records. Patrick recorded and produced the beats for all the music on the album. Patrick heard A Square’s Daughter and instantly wanted to work with Desiree. They created a great and professional work relationship. Over this time, she learned how to structure songs differently, added live instruments, and expanded her sound. Work out is being spun by Nipsey Hussles DJ DJ Vip, being played in the Virgin Islands on isle 95 and was chosen unanimously on “Sway in the Morning” by Sway Calloway as a song that should “Get in the game”. She met him during SXSW at a summit the nationally syndicated morning show was having.


  1. 1

    Before I Duration: 00:45

  2. 2

    Orange Juice Paper Duration: 00:45

  3. 3

    Minnetonkaack Duration: 00:45

  4. 4

    RX Duration: 00:45

  5. 5

    Reflection Duration: 00:45

  6. 6

    Dance Through Te Storm Duration: 00:45

  7. 7

    Harvey Duration: 00:45

  8. 8

    Work Out Duration: 00:45